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(Credit: Alamy)


Listen to the full Beatles ‘Get Back’ rooftop concert


It’s one of the most iconic concerts of all time and now you can watch The Beatles in all their rooftop glory in full—and in Dolby Atmos stereo mix too!

Although some claim the concert never actually existed and it was a hoax filmed by Stanley Kubrick, this classic rendering puts the proof in the pudding. With the new mix, you can almost hear the fart of a passing fly as the Atmos sound mixing fine-tunes everything to perfection. 

The famous 1969 gig is approaching another anniversary on Sunday and ahead of that celebration, Peter Jackson has wafted his enhancing wand over things once more. 

“I’m thrilled that the rooftop concert from The Beatles: Get Back is going to be experienced in IMAX, on that huge screen,” Jackson said in a statement. “It’s The Beatles’ last concert, and it’s the absolute perfect way to see and hear it.”

The performance has been remixed by Giles Martin and Sam Okel in the stereo sound style that Giles’ father George Martin pioneered with the band the first time around. 

While the concert will receive a few select IMAX screenings on Sunday, the full The Beatles: Get Back – The Rooftop Concert will get a global theatrical release from February 11th-13th

What’s more, the concert has also been made available to listen to on selected streaming platforms and you can get your Friday started by blasting it out below.