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‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia''s Charlie Day writes a song for Mick Jagger


American actor, screenwriter, comedian, and musician Charlie Day has made an offer to the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger that sounds too good to refuse.

Day, most well-known for playing the role of Charlie Kelly in hit TV series It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, appeared to be somewhat back in character for a musical social media post.

Recording himself donning sunglasses and carrying his Casio piano, Day sings the lyrics: “I like my piano… some say it’s just a toy,” with the tune coming from his beloved instrument. “I push a button… and you enjoy,” he continues.

Posting the video to Instagram, the actor said in the caption “Mick Jagger feel free to have this song.”

He may be unable to read or write properly, he may be an alcoholic and substance abuser who often likes to huff glue and paint but boy can he write a song…

…. and that’s exactly why he should take up Charlie Day’s offer.

Here’s the tune: