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Bizarre secret Danny DeVito shrine discovered in New York bathroom


Such is life as a cult figure, Danny DeVito has become the subject of a bizarre shrine which has been uncovered in secret chamber connected to a bathroom.

Students of Purchase College, located in Upstate New York, have been contributing to a small and strange collection of DeVito-related content since 19-year-old student Phillip Hosang created the shrine. Locate behind a paper towel dispenser, a secret room covered in graffiti finds a cardboard cut-out of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia favourite along with the message: “Leave An Offering For Our Lord and Savior Danny DeVito, Patron Saint of Trashmen”.

A video and images have since gone viral which forced the school to seal off the area for good. However, despite its somewhat surreal success, creator Hosang never intended the joke to become such a big hit: “I walked in there, and I thought that this would be just a really great place to put some weird thing that people could find,” the student told Vice. “And from there I was just trying to figure out what I should do with it. Because of all the trash— if you know Always Sunny, you know that Danny DeVito is known as like the trash man—I was like, this is just the perfect person to go with. He’s just weird enough that people would accept that this was a thing.”

“I checked on it every couple weeks just to see how much it grew. Every time I walked down there, I was just more and more surprised. I never expected it to become as much of a thing as it did.”

Well… that’s enough internet for today. Here’s the footage:

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