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(Credit: Yibing Guo Jia)


Interview: Cannons talk new music and major label jump


American indie pop band Cannons have been on a roll over the past two years: after releasing two independent albums and garnering a passionate stateside following through their live shows, the band were set to establish themselves as underground darlings. Then their song, ‘Fire For You’, was even featured on the Netflix drama Never Have I Ever.

What followed saw the California trio sign with Columbia Records and begin putting together their first album for a major label. ‘Fire For You’ topped the Billboard Alternative Airplay Chart earlier this year, and Cannon’s are primed to break in a big way.

Their mix of alt-rock and pop is primed to appeal to the biggest possible audience. First are foremost in the band’s arsenal are hooks, earworms, and catchy melodies, the perfect ingredients for any successful act.

Not even a year ago the band’s three members were all working full-time jobs while Cannons remained a side gig. Now that ‘Fire For You’ has established them as a viable commercial entity, the trio have committed full time to music.

We caught up with the band to discuss the excitement that has come with the success of ‘Fire For You’, why signing to a label earlier would have been a “wrong move”, and what inspired their latest single ‘Bad Dream’.

Far Out: How much of a whirlwind has the last twelve months been for Cannons?

Cannons: “The last twelve months have been nothing short of life changing for us. We all previously worked full time day jobs while still committing to our band, so to finally have music be our full time jobs has been a blessing.” 

Did you expect the reaction to ‘Fire For You’ on Never Have I Ever to be anything on the scale it has been?

“Not at all. We have had our music played on TV before but not in the way Never Have I Ever used it. The Day the show aired was an absolute game-changer for us.”

(Credit: Cannons / Press)

The song has been out since 2019, how weird was it for you for millions to be discovering you through that song so long after it was released?

“It’s an amazing feeling. It shows that a good song can still have a long life well after it’s released.”

How has it changed since going from an independent band to being on a major label?     

“It’s been great. We were finally able to make our first video with a budget and couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Columbia has been very supportive of our vision in every aspect.”

What made you self-release your first two records rather than waiting for a label to come to you?

“At first we just put out music for fun, we didn’t really have a plan or strategy, it was more spontaneous. We had a little bit of label interest when releasing our first full length but we ultimately thought it was the wrong move at the time.”

How excited are you to play live to your new fans?

“Couldn’t be more excited. Playing live is such a joy for us and to be able to play large venues and festivals is a dream come true.”

Can you talk us through your new single, ‘Bad Dream’?

“It’s the second song we wrote after the pandemic started. I was feeling in a creative rut during that time, because so much was going on in the world that was very hard to digest.

“It was difficult to shake that feeling. The song is about unrequited love, and it’s also about the uncertainty in the world that we’re all going through during that time.”

Can we expect an album this year?

“Yes! We will be putting out a full-length album within the next few months. We cannot wait to share what we’ve been working on.”