(Credit: Tom Ham)


IDLES won’t play ‘Model Village’ live ever again

The frontman of IDLES, Joe Talbot, has revealed thay the Bristol punks will no longer play ‘Model Village’ live. The single featured on their divisive 2020 album Ultra Mono and was notorious for its somewhat misguided comments on small-town mindsets.

Last week, after the release of the band’s acclaimed fourth album, CRAWLER, Talbot spoke to the NME and explained why the band have made the decision. “I don’t want to perform ‘Model Village’ live, because I’m not in that place anymore,” he said.

Adding: “I’m not defensive, I’m not angry. I’m not scared anymore, and I was when I wrote that album. There was so much going on around me and I was losing control of our narrative. Instead of being mindful and holding myself accountable, I was fighting”.

“We have taken control of that narrative with CRAWLER,” Talbot added. “I was in therapy for two years, and it made me realise that I was angry at the wrong people. The critics weren’t the ones that were wrong – I was. It’s beautiful, because now I can see Ultra Mono for what it is – an amazing live album, with a few songs where I was really lost”.

In other news, on November 3rd, the band made their US TV debut, performing the soulful single ‘The Beachland Ballroom‘ from CRAWLER. Named after the iconic Ohio venue, Talbot previously labelled it the “most important song” from the new record.

“There’s so many bands that go through the small rooms and dream of making it into the big rooms,” he said. “Being able to write a soul tune like this made me go, fuck – we’re at a place where we’re actually allowed to go to these big rooms and be creative and not just go through the motions and really appreciate what we’ve got”.

IDLES will be taking CRAWLER out on the road for a sold-out tour of the UK and Ireland in 2022. This includes four nights at London’s historic O2 Academy Brixton.

Listen to CRAWLER in full below.