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Credit: IDLES

IDLES return with the brilliant 'Mercedes Marxist'


IDLES deliver another punk banger placed firmly at the feet of government ‘Mercedes Marxist’

The Bristolian bastions of British unrest, IDLES are back with another blow of their bugle and their first tune of 2019. The brilliant ‘Mercedes Marxist’ is the easiest Track of the Day we’ve named in a long time.

Joe Talbot and co. have been relentlessly touring since the release of their 2018 Joy As An Act of Resistance, which we named as our best album of the year. Zooming through the continent and taking in the sites of Europe as their tour bus whips past and the band spend equal time verbally jousting with Sleaford Mods and reviewing chocolate milk – if you know, you know. So we’re very happy to now get a taste of the latest morsel of music from the band.

‘Mercedes Marxist’ does what it says on the tin and provide an accurate representation of a particular set of socialist whom find themselves spilling prosecco every Friday night before taking some prawn sandwiches to munch on while deciding the fate of the country. But all the while it pounds and punches with a peculiar amount of accuracy, hitting the mark with every note and rattled riff.

As yet, we’re unsure whether this track is the first from an upcoming new album or whether this is just a taster to keep IDLES firmly in our minds. Either way, we’re just happy to get another heavy dose of IDLES straight into our veins on a day like today.