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(Credit: Tom Ham)


IDLES share cryptic teaser along with phone number for fans to call


IDLES are teasing something ahead of their new album, Crawler, which arrives on November 12th with the Bristol band sharing a phone number that provides a cryptic clue.

So far, the group have only released one track from the album, ‘The Beachland Ballroom’. Interestingly, a photo of the venue which inspired the song in Cleveland is included in the mysterious image they’ve shared, which resembles a book of matches. It also features the word “striking” and “Phone Now! +44 (0) 333 200 8671.”

When you call the number, you hear the sounds of a car driving and harrowing screams. The call ends after just a few minutes, and it remains to be seen what the meaning behind it all is.

The band’s fourth album, Crawler, arrives in just two weeks and follows on from 2020’s Ultra Mono, which frontman Joe Talbot recently claimed didn’t connect with audiences because of the absence of live music around the release.

“I think that album translated badly as a home-listening device,” he told MOJO. “The whole point of that record was to build a narrative with our audience. The album itself was a caricature of what people thought of us and we wanted to kind of twist that up and then burn that effigy so we would start Crawler.”

Commenting on the new album, he added, “We can’t make another Joy (As An Act of Resistance), we can’t make another Ultra Mono, we can’t just go back, because we’ve done it to death.

“We’ve done the biggest loudest most brash big rock album version of ourselves we can and we won’t go back there. We have to move forward.”

See the image below, and phone the number if you dare.

(Credit: IDLES)