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(Credit: Melvin Darrell)


This is how you build your own guitar during lockdown

At a time when millions of people remain in lockdown amid the strict social distancing measures, it is time to find alternative means of entertainment to get us through.

While some people are tirelessly turning to the world of home workouts, others tuning in feverishly for every musician taking their musician committing their time to the world of online livestreaming, we’re looking at the idea of a project to get our hands dirty.

We’ve already seen major guitar companies offer free lessons for those in self-isolation, but what about making your own guitar from scratch? Here, we see how it’s done with a step-by-step guide in building a Telecaster fro the very beginning.

If you’re a guitar lover, creating your own instrument is the ultimate victory. Understanding the guitar and all its functions come with an added realisation of forging a personal axe. If you have average woodworking skills it is possible to craft your own body, sand it down and paint it.

Here, for the beginners, we’re going to explore a simple version and purchase parts pre-made. While this method is easier, it still allows you to use your creativity to forge something unique.

Shopping List:

  • Body
  • Neck
  • Nut
  • Bridge
  • Tuners
  • String Trees
  • Paint: Color-Gloss_Matt
  • Pickups
  • Pots
  • Switch
  • Switch Plate
  • Pick Guard
  • Output Jack

The builder, Dan, also suggests picking up most of the items from StewMac, Reverb and Ebay for some bargains.

Once you have the parts you need, check out the guide below.