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Hot Chip share new single 'Eleanor'

Hot Chip - 'Eleanor'

British electronic rockers Hot Chip dropped the second single from their upcoming studio LP Freakout/Release with the highly danceable new track ‘Eleanor’.

There’s something incredibly appealing in the straightforward groove of ‘Eleanor’. For a band that is quick to incorporate samples, effects, dense arrangements, and extended remixes, Hot Chip keeps things on a leash for ‘Eleanor’, with the end results shaking out to just being a really catchy disco-infused single.

“It’s about the world smashing into you, waves crashing into you, all-encompassing pain, and how you have to walk through it,” band member Alexis Taylor explains in a statement. “The verses are about separation when families are divided against their will. It’s about strong friends. It’s also about Samuel Beckett giving Andre The Giant lifts to school, and about how Beckett must have learned a lot from Andre’s wisdom.” 

Fresh off the funky jams of the recent single ‘Down’, ‘Eleanor’ keeps the groovy good times for the synthpop pioneers. Multi-instrumentalist Al Doyle explained that the songs from Freakout/Release were meant to be relatively simple, reflection of the band’s sequestering during the Covid-19 pandemic. These songs feel like accomplished pop songs, but it was just us making music in a room,” Doyle explains. “Those moments are a testament to how we’ve developed as songwriters and musicians ourselves.” 

“We were living through a period where it was very easy to feel like people were losing control of their lives in different ways,” keyboardist Joe Goddard explains. “There’s a darkness that runs through a lot of those tracks.” You might have to dig to get to that darkness, because the first two singles from Freakout/Release are primed for loose summer fun.

Check out the audio for ‘Eleanor’ down below.