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(Credit: Andrew Weatherall)


Heavenly Recordings to release Andrew Weatherall remixes album

A compilation record in honour of the late Andrew Weatherall of all of his Heavenly Recordings remixes is set for release later this month. 

The famed Scottish DJ and producer has tackled tracks by the likes of Mark Lanegan, Saint Etienne, Doves, The Orielles, TOY, Sly & Lovechild, and more for the two-part LP. 

Speaking about the project, Robin Turner of Heavenly Recordings stated: “Andrew fed more Heavenly bands through the mixing desk than those of any other label.”

Adding: “Consistently, he returned visionary music to the office, often in person for (at least) one ceremonial playback – a ritual that would involve the volume cranked up high and Andrew rocking back on his heels, eyes closed, lost in the alchemy of it all.”

Before concluding: “Andrew’s studio adventures would always be guided by that early advice to destroy the source material. It’s why he was the first name that came up when remixes were discussed; the first number on the speed dial. Listening back to these remixes now – to thirty years of glorious outsider sounds – it bangs home again just how fucking good Andrew was.”

These iconic mixes genre-bend the originals without ever causing them to break, offering up the perfect refreshing homage to a label that was forever pushing boundaries but retaining inherent values. 

The two-part record comprising Heavenly Remixes 3 – Andrew Weatherall Volume 1 and Heavenly Remixes 4 – Andrew Weatherall Volume 2 is due for release on January 28th. You find out more about how to pre-order here