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Heathers - Teenage Clothes

Our Unsigned Sunday feature comes from the sunny West Coast of America but far from shining bronze bodies and glinting chrome Cadillacs we have a glimpse of post-modern America, doused in dulled greys and glowing with sardonic nonchalance Heathers and Teenage Clothes paints a guitar-pop picture of melancholy.

Heathers, made up of Michael Francis, Thom Lucero and Michael Wegener are a trio of, as the band say, “guitar pop miserablists” lending their riffing style to a moody and existentialist ethos which juxtaposes as brilliantly as if they were the children of a Smashing Pumpkin/The Drums orgy. Whereby the speed and rhythm of the latter lends an ultimately fruitless frivolity to the former. Maintaining a thoughtfulness and truthful meaning whilst still assuring the shuffling of dancing shoes.

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=941229245 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=2ebd35 tracklist=false]

Teenage Clothes their debut 7″, is a touch punkier than their most recent release Fear which has a few more layers of effected fuzz, colouring the American dream with a touch more haze. Taking inspiration from early-Wedding Present, Teenage Clothes is the perfect product of a fast paced melodic yet melancholy sound. As Francis’ vocal threaten to wheeze and break with passion over fuzzy, quickened guitars, the tone of the band is sound in it’s conception. Distorted, fun yet heart-wrenching – like all teenage love should be.


Jack Whatley