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Heardle game featuring Phoebe Bridgers songs released to the public

If you’re a Heardle fan searching for a chance to play a game featuring Phoebe Bridgers songs, or a Phoebe Bridger fan looking for a game that connects her songs to the rhythms and beats, then the perfect outlet has been released for you. The music game sets to test knowledge by producing a solitary second of music, inviting the listener to guess the rest of it. A fan has produced a portal to estimate the knowledge of the music by a guessing game.

Bridgers has accrued a wide amount of interest in the public media, although she has frequently been compared to other artists, many of them women. Listening to Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers respectively, it’s hard to see many similarities between the two artists, other than their gender. “We’re a scene because we’re all angry about the same shit,” Bridgers elaborated, “And because we all like each other and talk to each other, and because we all send those insane articles back and forth like: ‘Oh my god, can you believe this?’ I love those people and I’m honoured to be associated with them, but it’s funny when we read shit like that.”

Taylor Swift has openly declared Bridgers to be one of her favourite artists in the world during her appearance on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’. During her appearance on the chat show, the ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ writer said she loves Bridgers’s voice, and will happily listen to any song the artist sings. Both artists seem open to the possibility of singing together again in the future when it suits them.

In other Bridgers related news, the singer reflected on the “guitar-smash” posturing that made headlines in 2021. Bridgers felt it was equally “pathetic” and “funny” at the same time. The Byrds vocalist David Crosby felt the move was “pathetic”, and made his feelings apparent on Twitter. She responded to Crosby’s comment with “little bitch”, feeling that there are more important and upsetting matters to get angry over.

Perhaps this game will give people the chance to understand that there’s more to her trajectory than smashed guitars or veiled interviews.