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Credit: Sven-Sebastian Sajak


Hayley Williams shares 'Simmer' her first effort as Petals For Armor


Paramore’s Hayley Williams has released her first solo track under her new project Petals For Armor, it even arrives with a brand new video. Watch the clip for ‘Simmer’ below.

The emo icon has been teasing a new released for a little while now via her social media platforms and today has finally shared the first taste of the solo project.

‘Simmer’ arrives today with some stylish production and a typically William flare. The video was directed by Warren Fu and sees Williams running through a forest that is basked in an ominous orange glow. She finds her way into a dark empty house and smears a brown matter all over herself.

Soon a figure in a black hooded cape appears looming over the figure of Williams. The Paramore singer soon puts the person down with a swift strike to be faced with a big surprise.

In the final credits of the video, the track is shown to be co-written by Williams, Paramore guitarist Taylor York, and the band’s session bassist Joey Howard. York also takes producing credits.

You can watch the video, Hayley Williams’ solo project Petals For Armor’s first song, ‘Simmer’ below.