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Harry Styles drops new song 'As It Was'

Harry Styles - 'As It Was'

Pop stars don’t get any bigger or more beloved these days than Harry Styles, so when the former One Direction singer announced the upcoming release of his third studio album, Harry’s House, the anticipation escalated to a fever pitch almost immediately.

Luckily, Styles isn’t making us wait as he’s dropped the first preview of the album, the quick-moving and captivating ‘As It Was’.

A bright pop-rock track that strongly resembles the sugarcoated indie-pop currently being produced by SPINN (seriously, go listen to their song ‘Billie’ and tell me you don’t hear the similarities), Styles is all light hooks and propulsive energy. He claims at the start that “gravity’s holding me back”, but you could never tell from the sprightly energy and crackling excitement that emanates from the track.

There is an underlying darkness to the surface-level sunshine of the track, however. With lines about being on too many pills and an ending anxiety-filled rant that incorporates thoughts of modern ills and the responsibilities of growing up, Styles clearly has a bit to work through on Harry’s House.

That’s all well and good, as long as Styles continues to crank out the catchy tunes. Seeing as how he could realistically work with anyone he wants, it’s telling that Styles is renewing his collaboration with producers Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson, the same duo who have brought his previous two albums to life. If you liked ‘Watermelon Sugar’, ‘Adore You’, or ‘Sign of the Times’, those two behind the scenes figures are just as essential as Styles himself.

It’s likely that ‘As It Was’ will receive its live debut during Styles’ headlining slot at the 2022 Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Seeing as how the performances are coming only a month before Styles drops Harry’s House, my educated guess would be that much more of the album besides just ‘As It Was’ is going to get a preview, so if you’re a Styles superfan, you might want to fly out to Indigo, CA, as soon as possible (or just bump the live stream).

Check out the video for ‘As It Was’ down below. Harry’s House is set for a May 20th release.