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(Credit: Alamy)


Watch Harry Styles cover Fleetwood Mac song 'The Chain'


Harry Styles, currently engaging in a renaissance of stylistic development, is talented at so many things, and one of the most obvious is his ability to utilise his voice to capture a vintage spirit within his music. With his new album Harry’s House taking the world by storm, it’s more than clear that the former boyband member has a magic touch for blending rock-star charm with modern sparkle.

However, this isn’t new for Harry Styles, believe it or not. In fact, ever since his One Direction days, the singer and musician has been steadily leaning in the direction of the folk-tinged rock star identity that he’s so well known for now.

Taking inspiration from a variety of sources, one of the bands that seem to be a consistent source of fire for the singer is none other than Fleetwood Mac. From the enchanting voice that seems to float so effortlessly from Stevie Nicks to the songwriting skills that have placed their songs in the history books, Fleetwood Mac is so much more than a just band, they’re an influential force of creativity.

Harry Styles, the more you think about it, is actually the perfect person to cover Fleetwood Mac. Not only does he have that same grit in his voice that can lend its own force to the songs – whichever he chooses – but he’s also clearly an artist that does his homework. He has a love of the icons that came before him, to those that brought his music to where it is today. The desire to look back for inspiration began long before he came into his own as an artist, especially as it stands with his most recent album.

Here, we revisit Styles’ appearance on the BBC Live Lounge show in 2017 to lend his very own rendition of ‘The Chain’. His talent absolutely shines through—it’s there, and there’s no doubt about it. But it’s also astounding to witness just how much he’s grown as a performer in the past few years. You can see him starting to loosen up with ‘The Chain’, but it really is just the beginning.

If you want to check out Harry Styles‘ version of ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac, you can check it out down below.