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How to make Stevie Nicks’ legendary 'Fleetwood Mac Fiesta Dip'

There are many reasons to love Stevie Nicks. The Fleetwood Mac frontwoman is one of the most captivating performers of all time, with a style of vocal delivery that is unmatched. 

There’s a raw magic in her voice that she fuses with a brilliant poetic disposition, and together these two vital aspects of her artistry create a listening experience like no other. It’s enchanting, intoxicating and heady, and Nicks is easily able to whisk listeners from all different walks of life away into her own unique dreamland. 

Aside from the music, Nicks is something of an oracle regarding the various facets of being human. From drugs to love and everything in between, she’s not afraid of discussing profound topics, as she’s experienced both sides of the coin over her long and meandering career. She shares her wisdom for the benefit of humanity as a whole, and for that, we salute her. 

However, it’s not always so serious with Nicks, as one of the most notable parts of her career is her ability to have a good time. At their zenith, Fleetwood Mac were one of the hardest partying bands around, and sometimes their extra-musical antics threatened to overshadow their timeless music.

In 1988, it was revealed that Stevie Nicks is also adept at creating delicious party food. Whilst this may seem like a stark departure from the cocaine and alcohol that she’s often discussed, it does serve its purpose in instilling a human essence into the life of one of rock’s definitive figures. 

That year, the ‘Edge of Seventeen’ musician contributed a recipe for Robin Le Mesurier and Peggy Sue Honeyman-Scott’s book Rock’ n’ Roll Cuisine, a cookbook comprised of recipes from some of our favourite rockstars such as Paul Stanley and Tina Weymouth, and Nicks’ ‘Fleetwood Mac Fiesta Dip’ remains one of the highlights. 

Get the recipe below. 

Stevie Nicks’ Fleetwood Mac dip recipe:


  • 2 large cans Rosarita spicy refried beans
  • 2 packages taco seasoning
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 cups sour cream
  • 6 medium tomatoes, chopped
  • iceberg lettuce, shredded
  • 3 cups grated cheddar cheese
  • 2 small cans sliced black olives
  • Glass baking pan 9″ x 13″ x 2″


  • Bottom layer in pan: refried beans
  • Next layer: mix taco seasoning, mayonnaise, + sour cream together and spread half of it on top of beans
  • Then: layer of shredded lettuce
  • Next: layer of grated cheese
  • Then: layer of chopped tomatoes
  • Next: another layer of taco seasoning, mayonnaise, sour cream mixture
  • Last: layer of sliced olives

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