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Hard-Fi open up about playing more reunion gigs and releasing new music


Richard Archer of the indie quartet Hard-Fi has revealed that the band hopes to play more shows after their comeback concert at London’s 02 Forum sold out in three minutes flat when tickets went on sale on Friday (April 29th).

Slated for October 1st, the gig will be Hard-Fi’s first concert since 2014, a time when they announced their split. Fans will be pleased to hear that it looks as though more gigs are on the way. Speaking to NME about their sold-out concert, frontman Richard Archer said: “After the reaction this show has had, we’d like to do more. What that might be, right now I’ve no idea. We need to sit down with our promoter and work it all out.”

Formed in Staines in 2003, Hard-Fi became one of the most successful indie groups of the 2000s. They scored no less than six top 20 singles and their albums Stars of CCTV and Once Upon A Time in The West both reached number one. Their final album, Killer Sounds rose to number nine when it was released in 2011.

Archer confessed to NME that he was never quite able to believe Hard-Fi’s success, even while he was in the midst of it. Indeed the pressure of the group’s fame eventually got to the whole band: “We only stopped because it was time for all of us to try other things and it felt like it was becoming a struggle,” Archer said. “It had got so hard, we thought we should have a break, and that break became eight years.”

Opening up about their decision to return to the stage, Archer said, “A lot of the things we were talking about in our songs are happening more than ever now. I get frustrated and angry, and surely the current shit-show can’t go on much longer. If someone wants to start a riot and they need some bodies, I’ll be there; so long as there’s a school pick-up time so I can collect my kids.”

Archer also spoke about the likelihood of new music from Hard-Fi. “I’m always coming up with ideas,” he began. “I started another band, OffWorld, a couple of years ago. We’ve made an album I’m very proud of that I want released. Something needs to happen with it and, now Hard-Fi doing this, maybe people will start to return my calls.”