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(Credit: Grimes Twitter)


Grimes teases a mysterious new release

Canadian musician Grimes has teased new music, which is set for release this coming Friday. Using her Twitter on Monday, November 29th, the musician used a sequence of binary code to hint at her new release entitled ‘Player of Games’.

The code was posted alongside the date of December 3rd. Grimes’ diehard fanbase wasted no time in translating the code into ‘Player of Games’.
After the excitement had built online, she then wrote: “It’s real this time… Phew”.

Afterwards, Grimes then followed a more traditional way of promoting her new effort. She posted a pair of images captioned with ‘Player of Games Dec 3’ and a link to a pre-save for the Spotify release, or the pre-add on Apple Music, depending on the audience’s preferred platform.

It’s been a bust year for Grimes. She described her forthcoming album as her “greatest work” yet, explaining back in September: “I just want it to be great, to be unequivocally just great art”.

That month she also shared the song ‘Love’ on Instagram, which was written as a response to “all the privacy invasion, bad press, online hate and harassment by paparazzi” she has experienced since gaining a level of mega-fame after dating tech giant Elon Musk.

Last week, Grimes also made headlines when she expanded on the feeling of resentment against the media and paparazzi and discussed the concept of fame following her split from Musk. She likened being famous to being in an “emotionally abusive relationship”, following nearly constant privacy invasions by the media into her personal life.

“I just have literally zero interest in being famous anymore,” she admitted on Twitter. “My job requires being on social media. It’s equivalent to an emotionally abusive relationship to hear countless times throughout the day about what a failure I am.. just in order to do my job on the most basic level”.

Here’s to hoping that Grimes can overcome the struggles she’s had recently and returns to form with her upcoming release.

Listen to ‘Love’ below.