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(Credit: Grimes)


Grimes releases new sickly-sweet single, 'Player of Games'

Grimes - 'Player Of Games'

With the help of producer Illangelo, Grimes has released a brand new track. ‘Player Of Games’ forms part of the soundtrack for the new season of the video game Rocket League.

The song was initially teased via Grimes’ Instagram on Wednesday and featured her playing vintage video games with a strikingly modern controller, her hands bejewelled with a set of elaborate nails.

Ten seconds later, and Grimes has swapped out her bubblegum pink outfit for something far more futuristic, an armoured spacesuit, which seems like some sort of prediction of the “Martian Technocracy” that her one-time partner Elon Musk has been advocating of late.

Released alongside a lyric video, Grimes new single blends the singer’s deliberately auto-tuned vocals with cavernous sub-bass kicks and slowly evolving ambient pads. As she paints a picture of space-age romance, singing the cringe-worthy line: “Baby would you still love me out on Europa,” the never-ending reverberations of her words meld with one another to create a surge of near-sickly-sweet textures that are eventually snapped into focus by the treble-heavy clicks of a minimalist house beat.

As with many of Grimes’ recent releases, there’s a kernel of melancholy in ‘Player of Games’ that makes it at once mesmerising and strangely off-putting.

The video itself sees Grimes latched to a giant metal warrior as wind and snow blows around them. Watching, I can’t help thinking that there’s something faintly confessional about the scene, especially considering Grimes has just emerged from a relationship with infamous technocrat Elon Musk, another famously cold lump of unfeeling metal.

‘Player of Games’ comes after the release of ‘A Drug From God’, the debut of the AI girl group that Grimes recently launched. According to the press release, the project will allow blend “generative characters and music, [different] types of animation, AI-assisted art as well as spiritual technology”, and will allow Grimes to “create as other people in order to reduce the psychic pain of being in the public eye”.

See the clip, below.