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(Credit: Grimes Twitter)


Grimes hints at a potential career change

Canadian popstar, Grimes, has revealed that she might be about to change the direction of her career once her latest album is released. The musician is set to share her new record, and it will be her first on Columbia Records after leaving long-term home of 4AD. 

The album, entitled Book 1, may bring new musical elements in for Grimes. Yesterday on Tuesday, December 28th, she Tweeted: “Celebrity culture is suffocating a f”,” she said, before adding: “I’m not quitting music but def changing my main day job after BOOK 1. Music industry feels old and tired, reliant on archaic systems.”

Twitch streamer Hasan Piker suggested that Grimes try her hand in that realm, with Imane Anys offering her help in making the jump, but Grimes responded: “I wasn’t gna become a twitch streamer cuz I think public speaking is my weakness but I would def learn from u m’lady.”

British TV presenter Liv Boeree posited, “You should start a podcast or something,” to which Grimes answered: “Maybe we need to introduce the concept of homo techno”.

Grimes has also teased a new collaboration with fellow native Canadian, The Weeknd. On her Discord channel, she replied to fans who were asking for a joint effort with the ‘Blinding Lights’ star: “Hmmm surprises for yalls.” At another point, a fan asked when the collaboration would happen, which she ignored and plainly stated: “It’s called sci-fi.”

It’s been a bust year for Grimes. Last week, on December 22nd, she shared the new video for the single ‘Player Of Games’. Directed by Anton Tammi, the narrative places Grimes in a fantasy world, and pits her against ‘The Dark King’, fighting with lightsaber-esque weapons. The first track from Book 1, Grimes has called the record “by far my greatest work that I’ve ever done”.

Watch the video for ‘Player Of Games’ below.