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(Credit: Sven-Sebastian)


Billie Joe Armstrong takes aim at Trump saying he "gives me diarrhoea"

Leading man of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong has put his crosshairs on the President of the United States in a recent interview claiming he takes “no inspiration” from the 45th.

The singer admitted that some of the songs on Green Day’s upcoming record Father of All Motherfuckers were about Trump’s America but that he refused to write a song directly about the orange-faced President.

“I draw no inspiration from the president of the United States, because he’s just… there’s nothing,” Armstrong told Kerrang! “Trump gives me diarrhoea, you know? I don’t want to write a song about it!”

However, he did say that the new song, ‘Bulletproof Backpack’, which features a sample from Joan Jett, was about the environment that Trump’s Republican party and their rhetoric has created. An environment that is deeply divided.

“It’s sort of about being freaked out around the polarisation that we live in right now,” he explains, “whether it’s kids getting shot in schools, or the closest thing that America has ever seen to fascism.”

Listen to ‘Father Of All…’ and ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ below