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(Credit: Gorillaz)


Gorillaz and Thundercat drop new song 'Cracker Island'

Gorillaz ft. Thundercat - 'Cracker Island'

Britain’s favourite animated genre-blenders Gorillaz have returned with their first new music of 2022, teaming up with American bass playing extraordinaire Thundercat with the highly danceable new single ‘Cracker Island’.

It wasn’t “It’s nice to be back, I’m well into our new tune, it brings back weird and scary memories of stuff that hasn’t happened yet,” virtual lead singer 2D claimed in a statement.

If you want this song ruined immediately for you, take a listen to the intro for ‘SexyBack’ by Justin Timberlake and then immediately flip over to ‘Cracker Island’ It’s not a one-to-one comparison, but there are enough similarities there that it becomes impossible not to conflate the two. Maybe a mashup is in order for some dedicated DJs in the future.

Thundercat provides the soulful backing vocals that float over the top of the arrangement, and there are definitely some funky bass parts that could also be his. Over the end of the track, it is possible to hear some quick bass runs that sound very much in Thundercat’s wheelhouse. If nothing else, Thundercat’s presence adds a new dimension to the now-highly diverse back catalogue of Gorillaz.

This month, the band have been making allusions to a new album, which appears to be centred around the idea of Gorillaz operating what they call “The Last Cult”. Promotional teases have shown Murdoc decked out in religious garb like some kind of demonic messiah. Still, the concept will probably only work as a loose reason to break out some funky electronic jams, as is the usual style of Gorillaz’s work.

‘Cracker Island’ was one of two new songs that the live version of Gorillaz debuted when they kicked off their world tour back in April. The other, ‘Silent Running’, hasn’t seen a studio release yet, but it would seem like a safe bet to plan on that song being the band’s next single.

Check out the audio for ‘Cracker Island’ down below.