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Credit: Stuart Sevastos


Gerard Way revives My Chemical Romance blog with new post


It appears as though Gerard Way and My Chemical Romance are not only going back to the stage but back to the MCR blog too.

One of the first artists to do so, and certainly one of the most engaged when doing it, My Chemical Romance were always widely celebrated for their communication with fans through their blog.

Choosing the long form responses a blog allows, MCR were always keeping their fans up to date during their ferocious heyday. Now, having returned to the stage for the first time since 2012, Gerard Way has revived the band’s blog.

The singer took to the blog to share an update about the band and the upcoming show in Japan. “Gearing up to head to Japan – it has always been a magical place for me,” the singer wrote.

“Every time I am there, I learn something about the culture, and something about myself. I come back home feeling fresh, with a new perspective. The crowds are as spectacular as the beauty of the country.”

This is the first time since the band officially announced their reunion that Way has addressed the reformation directly. My Chemical Romance officially reunited last year for a special performance and now have their sites set on a global tour.