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Credit: Stuart Sevastos


My Chemical Romance share another UK show teaser


After a rousing reunion in 2019, the call for emo Kings My Chemical Romance to return to British shores has been deafening. In a new teaser from the band they seem to be hinting it could be on the way very soon.

The band’s hugely anticipated reunion show in Los Angeles last year tore the roof off and got members of The Black Parade across the globe excited that the band may make a stop off in their country. For UK fans the wait is becoming unbearable.

Last week the band shared an image of a hooded figure wearing a mask that was simply captioned with a Union Jack emoji. That flag appears again in this latest teaser from My Chemical Romance.

A new video has now been posted by the band’s Twitter account which sees a number of symbols from the Theban alphabet interspersed with the Union Jack. Clever fans have not only worked out the symbols origin but also the word they’re spelling out, ‘June’.

It’s not a gigantic leap of faith to expect that Gerard Way and Co will be making their way to Blighty in the summer.

Other fans have found different meaning in the symbols too, with some suggesting the tower symbols could represent a headline set at Download 2020.

You decide.