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(CRedit: Daniel Topete)


Watch Geese perform 'Low Era' live on 'Colbert'


Geese are the latest band to have starred on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert performing a live rendition of the track ‘Low Era’ from their debut record Projector.

The Brooklyn rockers proved unfazed for their television debut as they churned out a charismatic performance reminiscent of progressive indie performances by the likes of The Horrors.

“We had been trying to get everything to sound super heavy, creepy-crawly, and complicated, really because that’s all we knew how to do,” the band explain in a press release. “Four-on-the-floor songs like ‘Low Era’ had felt a little like poison to us for a while, until we consciously tried to challenge ourselves to write something more danceable.”

However, the band are nothing if not eclectic as they also have paradoxical tracks like ‘Disco’ that seem to run against the grain of that mantra. This has made Geese one of the most keenly watched bands to emerge from the Brooklyn scene in recent times.

“We like the idea of confusing the listener a little, and trying to make every song a counteraction to the last, pinballing between catchy and complicated, fast and slow,” the band continue. “‘Low Era’ is one end of that spectrum, and ultimately broadened the scope of songs we thought we could make.”

With that in mind, they chose to capture a wider audience thanks to the mainstream exposure provided by Colbert’s show with a rousing and atmospheric rendition. You can check it out below.