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Francis Ford Coppola names his favourite scene from 'The Godfather'

Francis Ford Coppola has created a lot of iconic cinematic masterpieces over the course of his career but none of them have surpassed the appeal of what he achieved with The Godfather series. Now known as the definitive masterpiece of the mafia/organised crime genre, The Godfather has had a huge influence on filmmakers and audiences alike.

Before the first film was even released, The Godfather had been dismissed by many people as just another regurgitation of the crime genre clichés but all those opinions were quickly shattered as soon as audiences realised the mastery that was at work in the film. This year, the iconic start to the film franchise finally turns 50 years old.

To mark the occasion, the classic has been revitalised with a brand new 4K restoration which will be released in theatres in the US this month. Coppola himself has supervised the entire restoration process, with the fully restored versions of the trilogy set to be available to those who are interested from March 21st.

Coppola has been very active in the media lately since the interest in the films has been renewed by such an important anniversary. During an interview about this momentous event, Coppola revealed new insights about this indispensable American classic and even shared fascinating details about his favourite scene from The Godfather.

I think my favourite scene is when the little boy is with his grandfather and Marlon surprised him with the orange in his mouth in the garden,” Coppola answered. The scene he is talking about chronicles the final moments of Don Vito Corleone where Marlon Brando actually improvised the bit with the orange.

Watch the scene below.