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The inspiration behind 'The Godfather' creative documentary


Francis Ford Coppola’s classic 1970’s gangster film The Godfather turns 50 in 2022, with Paramount Pictures planning several events to celebrate the milestone anniversary of what many consider to be the greatest film of all time. The brand new series, The Offer, is just one of these planned projects from the production company, with the new show telling the tumultuous story of the film’s casting disagreements, budget concerns and much more. 

Named after the iconic line from the original film, “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse,” spoken by Marlon Brando’s Don Vito Corleone, The Offer tells the story of the making of the iconic film from the perspective of those who worked behind the scenes. In conversation with Vanity Fair, the series creator Michael Tolkin revealed the inspiration behind the show itself, stating, “All I knew about the making of The Godfather was that Mario Puzo got into a fight with Frank Sinatra at Chasen’s”. 

Unable to let such a juicy nugget of knowledge slide, the interviewer pushed for a response, with Tolkin describing Frank Sinatra’s dislike of the singer character Johnny Fontane, adding: “So I had a five-minute scene and all I needed was nine hours and 55 minutes more”. Also inspired by an interview Tolkin had with the original producer Albert S. Ruddy, the series creator explained, “What sealed it for me was when Al said, ‘Every day of making The Godfather was the worst day in my life,’ and that told me we had a show”.

Currently leading the cast of real-life characters is Miles Teller as producer Albert S. Ruddy, Juno Temple as Bettye McCartt, Ruddy’s secretary, Matthew Goode as Paramount Studios executive Robert Evans and Giovanni Ribisi as Joe Columbo, a real-life mobster who was detrimental to the film’s production. In addition to such stars is Dan Fogler who is due to depict the great Francis Ford Coppola himself. 

Whilst Paramount+ will be making The Offer available on April 28th in the US, they currently do not have a release date for the UK.