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Francis Ford Coppola named his favourite places in the world

Francis Ford Coppola changed the tradition of American filmmaking through his invaluable contributions to the New Hollywood movement. With masterpieces such as The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, Coppola generated a new conceptualisation of the cinematic art-form which enabled the revision of genres and left an undeniable impact on the world of cinema.

The ageing director has taken time out from his life to reflect on many things in recent years. He has been advocating for environmental awareness, claiming: “Little matters more to me than the environment. We have to save the Earth. But the climate issue isn’t strictly about the Earth. Earth is going to survive, it’s been through many ice ages. It’s about the human race. I think we’re worth saving.”

Coppola has also been working on a new project, after a long hiatus since his last film. Titled Megalopolis, this particular idea has been in development for years now but Coppola finally announced a couple of years ago that he is going to make the biggest and grandest epic of his life which he thinks will be the culmination of his filmmaking career.

Last year, the auteur spoke a lot about environmental concerns and also revealed his favourite travel destinations on the planet. Although he owns his own winery and multiple resorts and other facilities, Coppola insisted that he loves to visit classic hotels such as the Alvear Palace in Buenos Aires and the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris among other places in cities like London and Rome.

However, his favourite place in the entire world is the Napa Valley. Coppola said: “Nothing can compare in my heart and mind to Rutherford in the Napa Valley, my home.” That’s where Coppola currently resides and he loves every bit of it, starting a winery there back in the ’70s with all the profits he made with the first instalment of The Godfather trilogy.

Inspired by Irving Johnson’s Sailing to See, Coppola hasn’t let the wanderer inside him die yet. He still has a lot of scenic destinations on his to-do list, like Tahiti. Whenever one of his grandchildren turns nine, Coppola embarks on a journey with them and he already has something planned for the next such event – sleeping in an Ice Hotel in Sami land and watching the Northern Lands together.

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