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Credit: Press


Four Tet shares a career-spanning playlist with over 500 tracks


Four Tet is one of the most prolific producers going since Kieran Hebden began to use the moniker in 1998. Having released over 500 tracks in that period, the musician he has been kind enough to compile onto a brand new playlist for his fans to devour.

The playlist features almost the entirety of his work under this moniker apart from his first studio record as well as a few of his releases with Burial, but everything else is all there.

Taking to Instagram, to make the announcement, he said: “I’ve been going through my archive finding old music that I worked on and photos. It made me wonder how much stuff is on Spotify that I’ve been part of so I put everything I could find in a playlist. It’s 526 tracks so far and there is a link to it in my bio.”

Last month he released his new record Sixteen Oceans which was his first full release since 2017’s New Energy with Four Tet being the gift that keeps on giving in 2020.

Get your teeth stuck into the entire workings of Four Tet’s career to date and take a trip down memory lane this weekend with the help of the London DJ by listening to the 526 track strong playlist, below.