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(Credit: Edward Cooke)


Foals share uplifting single ‘Crest Of The Wave’

Foals - 'Crest Of The Wave'

As the days close in on the release of Foals’ next album Life Is Yours, the band have shared the latest preview single, ‘Crest Of The Wave’.

The new single comes as the fifth single preview for the band’s upcoming seventh studio album. Life Is Yours is set for its full release tomorrow (June 17th). “A portion of ‘Crest Of The Wave’ existed in 2011, and we had demoed it in Australia and just left it for years,” the band said in a statement.

Continuing, the statement read: “But it was one of those songs which had always been at the back of our minds, like there was some unfinished business there. As we were playing around with it with some of the themes on this record, we cracked it open and really revelled in adding lots of layers to it in the studio. It’s another transportive song. It’s set in St. Lucia, which has always struck me as being very powerful visually, with the mountain plummeting into the sea.”

‘Crest Of The Wave’ indeed brings the tropical, and summery atmosphere one might expect to encounter on a trip to St. Lucia. The upbeat optimism is subdued with the tranquillity of Yannis Philippakis’ voice into an audible haze that one can imagine falling into a mojito-induced trance to – perhaps on a glowing white beach. 

While the track is in keeping with the previously released singles, it gives me early apprehension of a monolithic album void of variety. This, of course, doesn’t intend to take anything away from the quality of the music. We shall find out tomorrow!

In an interview with NME earlier this year, frontman Philippakis described the new album’s title track as a “trancey, tropical balm,” bringing forth feelings of “optimism and consolation after a dark time.”

“This is our idea of a going out record,” Philippakis continued, regarding the album as a whole. “We were thinking about parties, club nights and being drunk on the bus at 2am trying to get home. All of it: the excitement before you go out, meeting up with your friends, the wild abandon. ‘Who’s got the pingers? Where are we going?’ This is all of that youthful excess of going out.”

Meanwhile, Foals have added two matinee shows to their forthcoming intimate UK tour in 2023 at Kingston Pryzm and Southampton Engine Rooms.

Listen to the new single, ‘Crest Of The Wave’, below.