Fat White Family - Yellow Woman


Billed as an AA-side to the tumultuous Touch The Leather, Fat White Family have released a new track by the name of Yellow Woman. It’s sparse, dreamily deranged and at times edgily innocent; it’s Far Out Magazine’s Track Of The Day, it’s Yellow Woman by Fat White Family.

We have long been fans of the South London sextet here at Far Out Magazine, with their neo-folk ferocity and rock and roll abandon of anything but the holy ‘art’. The Fat Whites have been the sole purveyors of the punk fuelled brattishness so easily left out of Britishness of late. Too many bands have too few ‘cahonies’ in this current climate of laptop lovers and virtual veracity, Fat White Family are changing all of that.

Yellow Woman released next week on Hate Hate Hate records, may not seem the kind of roaring revolutionary track you’d expect from this toothless band of brothers but it’s stripped down crack den daze is exactly what sets the band apart. They are entirely unashamed, unbridled and unconcerned with anything other than their own target, their own holy quest. The dwindling organ and sultry sub-textual lyrics yearn for deeper hearing, something we strongly suggest you do.

The Fat Whites ethos is best seen in the band’s recent tour, aptly named ‘The Tour of Struggle’ the string of shows (as well as the now infamous ‘Slide In’ club night the band hold intermittently in Brixton) that were designed to send the band over to America on another tour, and presumably scare the shit out of them. The way the tour was handled, with unabashed frivolity and furious naked showmanship, shows the band as one of Britain’s only hope against the gentrification of rock and roll.

This is what rock and roll used to be, a group of delinquents not only speaking for a generation, but not giving a fuck about what that generation have to say. They speak their minds, they speak with honesty and they do it for themselves. The struggle goes on but with countless more support. Viva La Revolucion! Viva The Fat Whites!


Jack Whatley