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Fat White Family - Heaven on Earth

Heaven on earth it is not. But Fat White Family those banner wielding sycophants from Southwark aren’t here to caress your soul or deliver you from evil. They are here to plough into your brain with their subversive, animalistic and antagonistic rock and once there they intend to stick the pointed finger of a drug addled poet and swirl, swirl, swirl your brain into Van Gogh’s starry night. Their latest release taken from the debut LP Champagne Holocaust is Heaven on Earth and it’s our Track Of The Day.

Bouncing bass and rhythm greet us at the intro of this thunder filled track of robust, romper stomper rock, before Lias Saudi’s ear melting vocals kick in and start to let you know what you’re in for with a scream and a moan of ecstatic depravity.

What you’re in for is 3 minutes of un-bridled, untainted punk ethos mixed with a healthy dose of horse tranquilliser and awash with the freedom of youth. As naked and soul bearing as lead vocalist Lias often finds himself, Fat White Family have something very rare in the music industry these days – their own free will.

The beauty of this track lies within the aforementioned fact, i could bore you with the hardened rhythm of Joseph Panucci on bass and Dan Lyons on drums or the simplistic, sinister serenity of Saul Adamczewski and Adam Harmer’s guitar or indeed the haunting introduction of Nathan Saudi’s organ but it would be the besides the point. The collective is what matters in this band.

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That’s something we’ve seen throughout the rise of Fat White Family, who now find themselves on the NME tour accompanying the US’s (slightly safer) counterparts ; Cerebral  Ballzy, their punk ethos and ‘many above the few’ spirit is what brought FWF to the forefront of Tory media earlier in the year.

Branded brattish and insolent by many of the tabloids for brandishing their ‘Bitch is Dead’ banner once the news of Baroness Thatcher’s demise was gratefully received, they showed themselves to be true troubadours of the modern age. Relentless, unforgiving and unwavering in their own values. Lucky for us they write a damn fine tune as well.


Jack Whatley