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Exclusive Alan McGee Blog: The final rallying cry


Yesterday we brought you Alan McGee’s ‘Scotland Be Brave’ exclusive blog post for Far Out Magazine. On the eve of the big day Alan has prepared one more rallying cry to his countrymen in what he believes in, the ‘Yes’ campaign:

Time for decentralised government for the rest of the UK. If Scotland is a drain on England, why are the politicians and the media be begging Scotland to remain in the Union?

If we are a ‘great family of nations, and should stand together in times of trouble’, why are millions being forced to use foodbanks all over the UK? Tommy Sheridan hit the nail on the head when he said: ‘The only banks that will close in an independent Scotland are the foodbanks.’

People are being left up shit creek without a paddle by Westminster all over the UK. You don’t see any MP’s going hungry. You don’t see any MP’s walking four of five miles for a bag of messages, donated by people who don’t have much themselves, because the people know on the streets of Scotland what is happening.

I heard a story of a mother who had her benefits stopped in Maryhill through a clerical error. She had fed her kids with what she had left and hadn’t eaten anything herself. She went to the foodbank, this was her last hope, she had done her best and while they were processing the paperwork, she picked up a can of beans, opened the ring pull and started eating them with her bare hands, she hadn’t eaten a meal for four days. This is 2014, not 1934, why is this happening?

Some people have also requested food from the foodbanks known as ‘kettle packs’, this is down to the fact they can’t afford to use the gas or electricity to cook the food they can’t afford.

Working class people have their pride, people do not want to be on benefits, they want to work, they are not scroungers. The average working person these days is only one paycheck away from being in that boat themselves.

Vote YES and become independent of Westminster. Scotland has a strong economy and will manage to stand alone.

Ask yourself why are the Brits trying to keep Scotland on whatever it costs to their Union? Is it because they know that without Scotland their economy will go down and they fear that Britain will no longer be ‘big and strong’?

So Scotland, with a YES you will become an independent, wealthy country.

Promises, promises, so many times politicians guarantee this and that to all of us, not just Scotland and the referendum. How many times have they failed to stick to their word? This happened in 1979 as well, many promises made, nothing delivered.

As for David Cameron saying he won’t be around forever, no, he won’t, but the Tory Party will, even if they’re not in power, it will be much the same, its just a different colour of tie and lapel pin.

We all think we have a choice with democracy, to me, democracy is nothing more than control. We think we have the choice, but do we really? Labour, Tory – whats the difference to us really? As a nation, we behave ourselves and abide by democracy.

Democracy keeps the citizens compliant. One party is the same as the other, but with a YES vote, we could actually see a massive change in our societies, a NO vote, nothing changes. It could be a very sad, and exciting day all at the same time.

Panic! Panic! From Brave Dave from Animal Farm! Don’t fall for it Scotland! This is your chance to influence the future, you cannot change past history that was written by the establishment of that day and time.

We can make history on Thursday and also send a banquet for the greedy bastards in Westminster, that have let people starve. Let them eat craw and humble pie, revenge is a dish best served cold at the ballot box.

Alan McGee