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alan mcgee, scottish referendum

Alan McGee Exclusive - 'Scotland Be Brave'

For centuries the British as colonialists have plundered and killed and then returned home and treated as ‘heroes’ by the biased and one-sided UK paid ‘historians’. Today, as a supine order-taker and most-willing sycophant of Washington – witness Ukraine – the UK now finds itself a victim to its own ‘democracy’.

Most of the ‘nationalist’ mindset seems to be coming from the No campaign and death throes of empire kept alive by the Bullingdon boys brigade. The media have tried to portray the independence supporters as anti-English or ‘racist” but this is not born out by the warmth and breadth of the independence movement which is all about inclusion and more representative democracy. In response to racist and nationalist ideologies prevailing at the time in 1941 Winston Churchill proudly shared the Atlantic Charter as a foundation document for lasting peace and progress in which is enshrined the principle that small nations and all people have a right to self-determination.

When I lived in Scotland I loved the people and social attitudes in general but was often taken aback by unexpected parochialism. The ‘no’ campaign has offered Scotland nothing positive because there is nothing positive to offer. Given the option of ‘if you vote ‘no’ absolutely nothing will change as Westminster is broken and cannot be fixed’ or “vote ‘Yes’, work proudly towards a just, fair and accountable democracy that benefits all”. It is no wonder that the majority of fair minded people living in Scotland are opting for the positive message.

A yes vote will put a stake through the heart of undead British imperialism. That’s all that counts and all that matters. It’s time for Scotland and England – and in due course Wales – to become small, happy and prosperous countries with no ambition to strut around on the world stage.

The so-called ‘War on Terror’ can’t be won with bombs and missiles. The Russian “threat” is entirely bogus – the result of NATO’s absurd forward policy. It’s time these islands opted out of all this nonsense.

Man-up Scotland and swim in the big pond not your own little puddle!

Alan McGee