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Exclusive: Everyone You Know share summer playlist and discuss upcoming 13-track EP


Everyone You Know are back with their pulsating summer anthem, ‘Radio’, and the good news isn’t over there with the duo also announcing their upcoming EP, Just For The Times, which arrives in October. 

The exhilarating 13-track release sees their years of hard work come together to provide the most thorough understanding of EYK yet. On the release, the duo expands on their irresistible genre-bending sound as they blend British subcultures with an unpredictable twist that they take to new heights on Just For The Times.

To celebrate the announcement, singer Rhys Kirkby-Cox, and producer Harvey Kirkby caught up with Far Out to talk through its creation. The brothers have also created a must-hear summer playlist which is here just in time to rescue your weekend. Not only is it full of wall to wall anthems, but it also provides a glimpse at the artists who inspire them

The project sees EYK show off the full chasm of their multi-faceted sound, which implements everything from punk to garage. It’s not being called a debut album, but in truth, it is in everything but name.

It’s been a steady rise for the duo over the last couple of years, and the last fifteen months have given the brothers time they’ve poured into making Just For The Times. There’s nothing throwaway about the release, and the opportunity to dive in headfirst to make a proper body of work is a challenge they’ve thrived at overcoming. 

The trials and tribulations of young adulthood are dealt with eloquently by Everyone You Know, who stamp their authentic touch onto every single thing they do, and Just For The Times is the culmination of their journey so far. 

More importantly, it feels like a genuine body of work rather than a bunch of songs thrown together, which fuse to tell a warts ‘n’ all story that uncovers the universalities of life within the uber personal lyricism of Kirkby-Cox.

The angsty ‘Higher’ opens up proceedings, then track by track, Just For The Times gradually gets deeper as EYK peel the plasters off their wounds, take off the mask, and unveil their vulnerabilities.

Check out our Q&A with Rhys and Harvey below. 

(Credit: RCA)

Q&A with Rhys & Harvey from Everyone You Know

FO: ‘Just For The Times’ feels more than just a throwaway mini-release and like a proper body of work. How did you approach the creative process?

Rhys: “Basically, it is the unofficial album, we just wanted to make a full body of work that represents what us and everybody else has been going through over the last year to 18 months, and we couldn’t do that in just four or five tracks. We felt like it needed the full tracks to represent everything we wanted to say.”

Harvey: “Also, as well, we’ve got so many different inspirations and were inspired by so many different things that I don’t think we could fully get everything into a body of work with four or five tracks. I think we can with 12 tracks. We can really express ourselves and show what genres inspire us.”

FO: As you say, you bring together a wide range of genres under the umbrella of EYK. What does the EYK sound mean to you?

Rhys: “It’s nice to be able to, not cross genres, but let others influence how our music sounds. It’s cool to draw from all these things and still make it sound like EYK. I think that’s the most important thing. We don’t just go and do a hip hop tune and then go and do a house tune. We take the influence, then make it sound like EYK. “

Harvey: “We just wear our heart on our sleeve when it comes to music and what you see is what you get, and I think it’s that which makes it an EYK track.”

FO: You’re not scared to get dark across the 13-tracks and express your vulnerabilities. One moment it’s ecstasy, and the next is sorrow, a bit like life can be.

Rhys: “With all our music, we just try and be brutally honest. With the good comes the bad, and with the bad comes the good. It’s all fun having a night out and stuff, but when it’s five, six in the morning and your pals there who can’t get no sleep because he’s just had a heavy one — it’s important to talk about that as well.”

FO: How do you want people to feel after listening to ‘Just For The Times’?

Rhys: “It’s going to offer a lot of different emotions. I think a lot of tunes will make people feel hope hopeful for the future, for things to come back to have live shows back and to be able to go out, see their friends and their family without any restrictions. But also, there are some sadder moments, and there are some more reflective moments. It’s just going to make people feel, in general, and that’s what we want.”

Harvey: “From start to finish, you’ll go through a different wave of emotions. Hopefully, people will be drawn in from the get-go, and listening back to it the other day, for me, it’s a story within itself. Like Rhys was saying, there are those moments of aggression, then there’s proper upbeat tunes, then you can go down to the lower moods.”

FO: The effort deals with emotions we’ve all felt over the last eighteen months. How was that period as an artist?

Harvey: “Everyone’s gone through the same thing. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. We could have been like, ‘Ah, last year was the year’ and be all bitter about it, but it is what it is. If anything, it’s just made us work harder and be like, ‘Last year could have been the year, but this year is going to be the year, so let’s put the work in to make sure this EP is the bollocks’.”

Rhys: “It gave us a bit of time, as well. We were about to go on tour, and then we were off to the States. We were going to be rushing around doing all these things. So, it gave us a bit of time to sit back, reflect and be like, ‘Cool, what music do we want to make? What do we want to say when we do get to release music? Like Harv said, it’s gutting, but you can’t be bitter about it. You’ve just got to make the best of a bad situation, and I think that’s what we’ve done.”

Just For The Times arrives on October 1st through RCA Records, visit here to purchase a copy.

Everyone You Know share their summer playlist

Rhys’ selections

  • The Streets – ‘Has It Come To This’
  • Roots Manuva – ‘Witness The Fitness’
  • Jay-Z – ‘Public Service Announcement’
  • M.O.P ft Busta Rhymes – ‘Ante Up’
  • Shy FX ft Maverick Sabre – ‘Call Me’

Harvey’s selections

  • Paris Green (feat. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell) – ‘Oh Yes’
  • Fred Again.. & The Blessed Madonna – ‘Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)’
  • Bushwacka!’s Final Bootleg – ‘Love Story (vs Finally)’
  • Pa Salieu x BackRoad Gee – ‘My Family’
  • Roy Davis Jnr. – ‘Gabriel (Live Garage Mix)’