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Everyone You Know get nostalgic on 'When The Sun Comes Up'

Everyone You Know - 'When The Sun Comes Up'

Everyone You Know have shared their first song of the new year with the dance-infused number ‘When The Sun Comes Up’.

Brothers Rhys Kirby-Cox and Harvey Kirby have done it again with their latest release. The song evokes memories of weekends spent in the halcyon days before the pandemic when the drinks would be flowing until before you know it, you’re at an after-party, and the sun is blazing through the window telling you its time to go home. Harvey’s nostalgic ’90s influenced beat is made for the same environment that the track it’s reminiscing on. This beat, coupled with frontman Rhys’ real social commentary like lyrics that resonate vividly with so many.

Kirby-Cox paints the picture in the opening verse, as he sings: “The girls will turn up in designer, And pour tonic in their Tanqueray, The lads will ask to borrow a lighter, Just so they can conversate, Then they’re gonna pose for the picture, Put it on Insta’, You’ve got the filters, Who’s got the Rizla?”

Commenting on the track, the brothers say: “What’s great about this song is it was made less than a month ago. And as soon as we recorded it we knew it was gonna be the single. It’s unusual to have such a quick turn around with a tune, so to release this so quickly after making it is really refreshing.

“The inspiration behind it isn’t anything mind-blowing, it’s just things that you might hear and see on a night out, at a party or at an afters. It’s a (after) party anthem essentially. And we are buzzing to play it out live.”

The track is infectious, and whilst we all find ourselves locked-down, ‘When The Sun Comes Up’ offers a potent reminder about the times that will return sooner or later. The brothers have recruited their sister to have a drink and a dance around the kitchen with them in the homemade DIY visuals for the track that sums up the closest thing possible to a hedonistic filled evening right now.