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Emily Eavis to host Ukrainian family on Worthy Farm


Emily Eavis, one of the organisers of the Glastonbury Festival, has called for the UK government to “fix the UK’s visa process for Ukrainians”. Her request comes as Russia’s invasion of the country continues, forcing countless Ukrainian families to flee their homes and seek asylum. Eavis is one of the many public figures to reveal that she will be hosting a family at Worthy Farm.

Eavis will be taking part in the UK government’s ‘Homes For Ukraine’ scheme, which was launched last month in an effort to house refugees fleeing from the war in Ukraine. The humanitarian crisis is currently in its sixth week. Participating households are given £350 in exchange for taking in a family. While they are not expected to cover food and living costs, they can do so if they wish. Over 100,000 UK citizens pledged to open their doors within hours of the scheme going live.

Unfortunately, the application process has been plagued by glitches and delays, forcing the Home Office to admit that “progress approving visas has not been good enough”. In a recent statement, a spokesperson revealed: “The Home Office has made changes to visa processing, the application form has been streamlined, Ukrainian passport holders can now apply online and do their biometrics checks once in the UK, and greater resource has gone into the system.”

These changes were made to allow the UK to “welcome people faster, while still maintaining security checks which ensure those who could pose a threat to our safety are prevented from getting here and human trafficking is addressed”.

Now, Emily Eavis has announced that she has signed up to house a Ukrainian refugee called Veronika, who will stay at Worthy farm – the site where Glastonbury is held – along with her family. But, according to Eavis, the UK’s “streamlined” visa process is still “simply not working”. She has called on the government to resolve the technical and administrative issues so that Ukrainian families such as Veronika’s can enter the UK without delay.

Taking to Twitter, Eavis wrote: “17 days ago we were introduced to Veronika and her family, and pledged to host them here at Worthy Farm. Their visa applications were submitted on the same day through the Homes for Ukraine scheme, but still they have not been granted. Veronika’s family remains stuck in Kyiv. We need our government to take immediate action so that the many thousands of UK residents desperately trying to help people escape a warzone are actually able to do so.”

According to The Guardian, only 4,700 visas were granted of the 32,000 Homes For Ukraine applications made up until March 31st.