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(Credit: Stefan Brending)


Drummer Chad Smith denies being "scared" of haunted house during 'Blood Sex Sugar Magik'

Red Hot Chili Peppers wrote Blood Sex Sugar Magik in the vicinity of a house that was purportedly haunted, and it has been claimed that Chad Smith refused to live in the quarters because the house proved too much for him. Smith denies the accusation, stating that he had a more logical answer to the situation.

“I know it’s been talked about: ‘Chad was scared of the house,’” the drummer noted. “No, I literally had just met my first wife, and I didn’t want to hang out with these fucking dudes after hanging with them all day!” The other three members of the band stayed in the house which doubled as their studio, but Smith opted to leave the domicile, in an attempt to separate his work life from his personal one.

“We didn’t leave [the house] for weeks on end,” Anthony Kiedis explained to Vanity Fair.”Then we get in there and we find out that this place is famous for its spirits and its hauntings and its paranormal activities.” Kiedis claims that the band weren’t pushed by the presence of ghosts or spirits, but that they were fixated on completing the album that went on to become one of Red Hot Chili Peppers more fondly remembered works.

Bassist Flea suggests that the spirits helped to guide the band complete the album, bringing pathos and tremendous beauty into the proceedings. Rick Rubin acted as producer.

In other Red Hot Chili Peppers news, Red Hot Chili Peppers are in the process of launching their own exclusive SiriusXM Channel, a radio show featuring many of the tracks they melded together as one band. The show promises to feature music from the group’s career across the studio and live performances. They will also perform tracks by artists who have influenced the band in one way or another. Additionally, a classic concert from their catalogue will be aired on the channel.

Smith has served as Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer since the late 1980s, but he also toured with Chickenfoot in 2009 and served as Eddie Vedder’s live drummer when the Pearl Jam frontman promoted his 2022 work, Earthling.