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(Credit: Adrian Vitelleschi Cook)


Do Nothing share new track 'Uber Alles'

Do Nothing - 'Uber Alles'

Do Nothing have shared the triumphant new track, ‘Uber Alles’.

The latest single from the Nottingham four-piece sees the band step into new sonic territory, as ‘Uber Alles’ is somewhat less combative than their debut EP, Zero Dollar Bill, which was released last April. The futuristic intro starts the wild journey that is ‘Uber Alles’ and immediately gets the listener’s guard down. Then Do Nothing expertly guide the track down unexpected turn after unexpected turn. There’s also a reflective and melancholy nature to the track that works well juxtaposed with the band prowess’s innovative guitar trickery.

“‘Uber Alles’ was the first song written for the new EP,” said frontman Chris Bailey. “Musically it takes a more decided, less rough around the edges approach than some of our previous material but lyrically it’s largely about being at ease with yourself, which is often tough to do.”

The new single appears on their upcoming five-track EP, Glueland, released on March 12th through Exact Truth. Speaking of the project, Bailey said: “‘Glueland’ is about the inevitable feeling of being thrown onto a big pile of your own rubbish and paddling around in it like some kind of dusty walrus. We worked to make the songs and artwork all feel like they came from the same universe.

“It came from recording situations that we felt very comfortable in, and the tedious absence of live shows meant that we could stagger in some new directions without having to make sure that it all worked onstage. Don’t worry, we made sure not to actually write about being in lockdown… because who wants to hear about that?”

‘Uber Alles’ sees the band expand their boundaries to great success and the EP hints towards being a much-welcomed distraction for 2021, with a theme that feels appropriate for right now. Do Nothing are one of the most exciting rising bands in Britain right now and if they continue releasing tracks on a par with, ‘Uber Alles’, their future knows no bounds.