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Credit: YouTube


Do Nothing take aim at scammers and conmen on 'LeBron James'


Nottingham-based post-punks Do Nothing are one of those bands that they’re likely to be labelled as “ones to watch” in 2020. Judging by their latest track ‘LeBron James’ that title would be worth its weight in gold. ‘LeBron James’ is our Track of the Day.

The video of the song is a pretty accurate representation of the band. Set in the doldrums of a Midlands working men’s club, the video features singer Chris Bailey belting out lyrics down the phone, while the troubled eyes of those around them stare. With the swirling shitstorm of sales-driven capitalism threatens above them.

The track’s theme is based on Billy McFarlane. Yes, that one. The one who scammed a huger number of people with his now-infamous Fyre Festival. ‘LeBron James’ focuses on McFarlane after he’s out on bail following the catastrophe of the festival and is still trying to scam as many people as he can, with one such con being an evening with NBA superstar LeBron James.

The thematics of the song are perfectly punctuated by some angular post-punk prowess from the band. They move into familiar indie territories, flecked with the snot of their preferred punkier beginnings, all the while still managing to sound fresh and fragrant, ready to land a perfumed punch to the gut.

Bailey told Fader about the video: “We always like our videos to feature people or places local to us so they have a weird familiarity. We hired out an old social club near where we all live and cast a load of friends and their parents to play these funny sinister roles.”

Watch the video to Do Nothing’s ‘LeBron James’, below.