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(Credit: Adrian Vitelleschi Cook)


Do Nothing share their new self-isolation video for 'Contraband'


Nottingham band Do Nothing have released their brand new video for ‘Contraband’.

The clip, which was filmed by the band during their period of self-isolation as the world remains in crisis lockdown, was edited by Ciaran Grant.

When discussing the track, Chris Bailey told DIY: “It talks about the time that Kasper our guitarist was hospitalised after taking something that was cut with fentanyl.”

He added: “It’s about the sort of person you have to be to throw a load of fentanyl into the drugs that you sell in order to save/make more money, knowing that it’ll almost certainly harm somebody big time. On the other hand, it’s also about the very well documented dangers of messing around with such substances in the first place.”

The new visuals, which features Bailey, was filmed by housemate Rob Milton. “We had a nice professional video planned,” Bailey explains. “But then lockdown happened so we did this instead.”

See the video, below.