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Disclosure drop new track 'Observer Effect' from forthcoming mix


Electronic duo, Disclosure, have just released their new track ‘Observer Effect’, which comes from an upcoming mix. Brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence are set to reveal their first mix for the DJ-Kicks album series on October 15th via !K7 Records.

In a recent statement, Guy Lawrence discussed the new release: “Our last album ENERGY which is just a year old, it’s all club bangers . So that’s what the majority of the mix is going to be: still exploring all these different textures,” he said, before going on to add: “I like to think the mix resembles a lot of ENERGY, in terms of texture and how it flows. It’s sitting alongside ENERGY as a companion.”

The new track stays true to the influences that originally inspired Disclosure’s dance-centred sound, as Guy explained: “the whole electronic club scene’s bass has always inspired us,” he said, before adding: “We never really end up making that kind of tune; but we always have it as the bedrock of our songwriting.”

“We write a bunch of club stuff too, but there’s still vocals on it. I think the mix is a chance to show off what lies underneath those vocals a bit more and get people to focus in on the production, the textures and the effects,” Guy added.

He went on to describe how: “Most of the mix is presenting what you can do with house. And that’s basically our career: trying to move house forward, whether it’s with songwriting or using different genres or different languages. The mix should represent where we’re at now; and where we’re at now is clubby.”

‘Observer Effect’ is just the first of two new Disclosure tracks, preceding the release of ‘Deep Sea’ Both will feature on the dance duo’s DJ-Kicks mix.

Check out the full tracklist below and the band have already available for pre-order on the label’s website.

Disclosure’s DJ-Kicks mix

  • Pépe – ‘Recollection’
  • Harry Wolfman – ‘LOTF’ (exclusive)
  • Cleanfield – ‘Conflict With Clayton’
  • Disclosure – ‘Deep Sea’ (exclusive)
  • Simon Hinter – ‘Wanna Make Love’
  • &on&on – ‘Don’t Say a Word’
  • M-High – ‘Harmony In The Distance’
  • Slum Science – ‘Mezmerized’
  • Disclosure – ‘Observer Effect’ (exclusive)
  • East End Dubs – ‘bRave’
  • Onipa – ‘Fire’ (Edit)(exclusive)
  • Arfa x Joe – ‘Recognise’ (exclusive)

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