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Director Andrew Dominik discusses new Nick Cave film

Director Andrew Dominik has spoken at length as to what his collaborations with Nick Cave entailed, particularly in light of This Much I Know To Be True, a dissertation on grief and Cave’s personal journey to revelation. This Much I Know To Be True will air on Wednesday, May 11th, and the film centres on Cave as he collaborates with Warren Ellis, looking back on the creation behind Ghosteen and CARNAGE.

Dominik is arguably best known for his work on The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, but he also has Chopper and the impending Marilyn Monroe feature Blonde on his CV. “It was at a drug dealers’ when I was just an innocent little private schoolboy,” he said.

Adding: “I walked into the living room and there was the prince of darkness, just sitting on the couch watching a documentary about earthworms. I started going out with his girlfriend three months later and that’s how I got to know him. He was my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend so I didn’t want to like him – but god he was good.”

The ex-girlfriend in question went on to inspire ‘Deanna’, one of the seminal singles in The Bad Seeds’ oeuvre. The film in question details the personal reflections Cave has come across in his life, although the singer befell greater misfortune when he recently announced that his son Jethro Lazenby died. It’s doubtful that This Much I Know To Be True will reflect on Lazenby’s passing, although the lessons may hold greater pathos because of it.

One of the key moments during the film is the manner in which the singer handles the questions on his fan Q&A site, The Red Hand Files. The forum serves as Cave’s portal to the outside world, as he creates a dialogue between audience and artist, in the hope of bringing more perspective to the world around them. What the film creates is context, capturing a sense of purpose for the father who is aching for a time he will hold his son again. Dominik says The Red Hand Files helped the artist to heal and grow.