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Deaf Havana announce new album 'The Present Is A Foreign Land'


Deaf Havana have announced that their first LP as a two-piece, The Present Is A Foreign Land, is on the way. The two brothers unveiled the album on Friday, January 21st, sharing the lead single ‘Going Clear, a piece of confessional piece of alt-rock that tackles frontman James Veck-Gilodi’s ongoing battle with addiction.

Explaining the motivations behind the new single in a recent press statement, Veck-Gilodi said: “‘Going Clear’ is a song I started writing a long time ago but it wasn’t until recently that I really realised it’s a song purely about addiction and the effect it has on loved ones and family members. It’s a very straight forward and simple song but having gone through the years of substance abuse and seen the pain it brings first hand, this one really hits home.”

Announcing the album on their social media channels, Deaf Havana wrote: “We are so excited to share ‘Going Clear’ with you all and to announce our new record The Present is a Foreign Land. So much hard work and love has gone into this album and we can’t wait for you to hear it. Thanks for sticking by us – it all starts now.”

Deaf Havana’s first album in this new incarnation is set to drop on July 15th. Pre-orders are of course available through the band’s website. You can also check out the full tracklist below.

The Present Is A Foreign Land will be Deaf Havana’s sixth studio album and their first since the departure of bassist Lee Wilsona and drummer Tom Ogden. Sharing the news of Wilson and Ogden’s exit, the Veck-Gildodi brothers wrote: “Early last year we were all ready to head our separate ways and call it quits.”

They continued: “We’d had an incredible journey but like all the best journeys it felt like it was time for it to end. Then the pandemic hit and we had no choice but to stop. We would like to thank our brothers and day one bandmates, Tom and Lee for slogging it out with us up until this point. We wish them and their families all the best and every success for the future.”

The Present Is A Foreign Land’ tracklist:

  1. ‘Pocari Sweat’
  2. ‘19dreams’
  3. ‘I Put You Through Hell’
  4. ‘Nevermind’
  5. ‘On The Wire’
  6. ‘Trying/Falling’
  7. ‘Someone/Somewhere’
  8. ‘Help’
  9. ‘The Present Is A Foreign Land’
  10. ‘Kids’
  11. ‘Going Clear’
  12. ‘Remember Me’