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Dead & Company preparing for a new American tour

Live jam band Dead & Company will be touring in 2022. The band in question features members of Grateful Dead and John Mayer, touring stages across America. The outfit will perform in Los Angeles, at the Dodger Stadium, on June 11th. From that juncture, they at Mountain View’s Shoreline Amphitheatre on June 13th, before performing at Folson Field for two nights on June 17th and 18th, 2022.

This iteration features members of Grateful Dead and also boasts John Mayer on guitar. Mayer recently released Sob Rock, which he intends to tour when he’s finished honouring Dead & Company tour dates. He explained his process of writing in an interview with MusicRadar: “I have a song… sometimes songwriters have a song they go real slow on when they write it and it’s their pet project,” Mayer explains. “And they go through their day and it’s like a little empty apple basket and they pick different things; maybe I’ll put that in this song. So I have this song that’s my friend, it’s sort of my little collection plate for ideas and thought I have about Bob and I put it on the plate and I keep working on the song.”

Former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir (guitar and vocals), Mickey Hart (drums), and Bill Kreutzmann (drums) pad out the line-up. The collaboration stemmed from Mayer’s interest in Grateful Dead material, and in 2015, invited Weir to join him for a performance on The Late Late Show. The two enjoyed trading licks and decided to take it one step further, creating a band that celebrated the Grateful Dead for all its bizarre qualities. Although the band have yet to put together a studio album, their live repertoire is available on a variety of online platforms. In 2016, the band appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in an effort to promote the upcoming tour.

The 2022 tour is one of the band’s first since the pandemic, and the group are preparing themselves to return to the live stages. So far, there are no reports of a British or Irish tour, although the band may travel to Europe in the future.