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David Rodigan MBE

As the regular readers among you will know, Far Out and friends will be firing over the Yorkshire dales on Friday to the fantastic Beacons festival to catch an abundance of troubadours doing what they do best. So far we have showcased the sublime, post punk dinge of The Savages, an interview with the  lava lamp trip that is The Temples, the Britpop inspired jangle of JAWS and the dynamite of Drenge still, not one’s to disappoint, our musical arsenal is stocked with enough Beacons related ammunition to reel off quality reviews and introductions before, during and after another of Summer’s lawless weekends.


Today’s preview is an unusual one; moving away from the powdered kicks of Rock and Roll and into the smokey, mellow haze of  Sir David Rodigan’s reality, filled with the finest selection of reggae  Jamaica has had to offer in the past half century.

For over 30 years David Rodigan has been the king- build in the spliff happy, bass heavy-atmosphere of Britain’s reggae dance-halls, a title  he has been passionately rolling towards since first hearing Ska as a school boy in the 60’s. Since that significant period,  the MBE awarded disk jockey has fulfilled roles on the radio, stints in theater and, of course, festivals before winning the highest honor in any reggae spinning circle, taking the title of World Clash Re-Set contest in New York.


Rodigan will be curating the line-up for Sunday’s Social Stage at Beacons before projecting his musical knowledge of all things Jah through a huge sound system later that night. This is certainly not a set to be missed.

Joshua Hevicon