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Credit: Netflix


David Lynch has shared 'What Did Jack Do?' on Netflix, his first film since 2006


As part of the celebrations for the iconic director, David Lynch’s 74th birthday, the auteur has shared the brand new short film What Did Jack Do? on Netflix today.

The black and white short film is Lynch’s first trip back into film since 2006’s Inland Empire and sees David Lynch not only write and direct the short but star in it too playing a homicidal detective.

The 74-year-old shows no sign of slowing up, as he takes on the role with natural creative vigour, portraying the detective who then interrogates “a tormented monkey.” You can watch What Did Jack Do? on Netflix now.

Lynch released his first short film Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) in 1967 while still a student. A decade later he would release Eraserhead and begin his journey to the top of the cult-classic mountain.

Not just all about cinema, the director is also famed for his subversive vision and created one of the most highly-rated TV series of all time in Twin Peaks, which he brought back for a third season in 2017.

Watch another of his great directorial moments as he shares a ‘short film’ on how he likes to cook quinoa.