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David Lynch shares his dreamlike view of Twitter

David Lynch has established himself as the face of cinematic surrealism, known for his enigmatic masterpieces that resist strict categorisations. In addition, Lynch has developed a reputation for being mischievously elusive when it comes to discussing the meaning of his art. Almost always ready to surprise his audiences with a trip into the world of nightmares, Lynch is currently working on a brand new Netflix series.

While discussing the effects of the pandemic in a recent interview, Lynch said: “It has slowed things down and people come face-to-face with themselves and it’s scary. People are going nuts and they’re looking for any entertainment or any kind of thing to escape just being by themselves and thinking about things.”

Adding, “And we’re all sorta like that. It’s really tough to be on your own. Because it causes something to happen. Things slow down and you find yourself with yourself. But I think something really good is gonna come on the other side of this pandemic and all the changes that are going on. A good time is coming for us all.”

Lynch is certainly no stranger to social media, having gained a huge following for his YouTube channel where he uploads short films as well as a regular feature of weather reports. While talking to Vice about social media, the filmmaker maintained that he did not use Facebook at all, but he liked using Twitter.

“No, I don’t do [Facebook],” Lynch claimed. “Twitter, I do. Yeah, I love Twitter.” When asked about the difference, he said: “I don’t know, I don’t know Facebook. In Twitter, you just have Twitter friends and you talk from time to time. I don’t Twitter enough probably but I tell them what I’m doing and ask them what they’re doing. It’s a feeling that there’s many together.”

As is characteristic of Lynch, the filmmaker went into a mediative analysis of the fundamental nature of social media by insisting that there was psychoanalytical theory involved. “I do [enjoy using Twitter], in a way, because they say there’s a collective consciousness and every single thing that people think and feel and do feeds into this collective consciousness,” the director said.

Watch the entire interview with Vice below, which has hilarious moments, including the one where Lynch points to a dildo on the cover of Vice magazine and says: “I am surprised they just put a little one on there.”