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(Credit: YouTube stills / Far Out / Dylan Nolte)


David Lynch & Pharrell Williams to open a nightclub in Ibiza


In one of the most unexpected team-ups in entertainment history, it has been reported that experimental filmmaker David Lynch and internationally renowned singer Pharrell Williams are set to open a nightclub together in the heart of Ibiza. 

A peculiar, idiosyncratic director known for the unusual murder mystery series Twin Peaks and his many dreamlike dramas from 1986s Blue Velvet to 2001s Mulholland Drive, David Lynch is a master of surrealism and unconventional storytelling. Meanwhile, Pharrell Williams is better known for his catchy pop hits such as ‘Happy’, ‘Come Get it Bae’, and his controversial song ‘Blurred Lines’ that he created with Robin Thicke. 

Initially reported by Collider, the same publication has also revealed that actor Miranda Makaroff has a hand in the unique design of the extraordinary nightclub. Situated on the east side of Ibiza with decor straight out of Twin Peaks, the club reportedly features “huge fabric tentacles, giant lips and swing seats,” giving off the vibe of an ethereal, Lynchian dreamland.

Such peculiarities will be joined by more ordinary expectations from your typical night out, including food available from a Balearic-themed restaurant as well as from Pharrell Williams’ own ToGo street-food group. 

This is not, however, the first time that David Lynch has forayed into the world of nighttime entertainment, having opened a club in Paris called Club Silencio inspired by his classic film Mulholland Drive. According to TimeOutthe “subterranean members-only club – like its cinematic namesake – has its own concert hall, library and cinema”. 

With many eclectic bars featuring throughout the filmography of David Lynch, here’s hoping that the final result in Ibiza is a mix of Twin Peaks’ ‘Bang Bang Bar’ and the ethereal high-art decor of 1986s Blue Velvet. 

See some images of the club, below.