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Credit: ZDTV


David Bowie's covers of John Lennon and Bob Dylan are getting an official release


David Bowie may well be one of the most unique artists to have ever graced the musical world, but he was never shy about paying tribute to those he thought deserved it. Invariably, the way he did so was with a cover of one of their songs. From Lou Reed to Nina Simone, Bowie has paid homage to some of the greats. Now, two more of his covers are getting an official release.

They’re not your everyday fodder either. The two covers in question are previously unreleased renditions of John Lennon’s brooding classic ‘Mother’ as well as Bob Dylan’s shimmering song ‘Tryin’ to Get to Heaven’.

Avid Bowie fans will be well aware of the covers already; the Bowie world is rather small, it turns out. Originally recorded in 1998, the two songs were never officially released but will see the light of day, and streaming platforms, on January 8th next year.

The eagle-eyed among us will note that the date would have been Bowie’s 74th birthday and with five years passing since his death, celebrations are already in the offing. These two newly shared songs will land on both digital platforms as well as receiving a 7″ single release for the record collectors out there.

Bowie recorded his cover of the brilliant ‘Mother’ alongside longtime collaborator and producer Tony Visconti for a tribute album for the fallen Beatle that never materialised. The Dylan cover was recorded as part of the sessions for the 1999 album and will be just as eagerly received.

It’s just one of many major events happening this January to celebrate the life and time of the Starman.